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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

At a local level , CIFP Zaporito, submits this proposal of European mobility program. Our proposal has, as its source, our concern for the labour situation that nowadays suffer our young people, those that are actually studying and those who have recently finished their studies. The situation is worsened by the shortage of entrepreneurship in our city. As an action measure, our project includes enterprises and host partners who wish to cooperate with us by offering to our participants high quality trainings at a European level in different countries such us, Italy, France, and Malt. This multi-professional project, is designed to meet the training requirements of young students which are completing their education in any of the centres that send these participants abroad. The duration of the program is 2 years, so participants will be sent abroad every year per average. Profesional Profiles of the participants: Tecnics in one of the following areas:1. Aquaculture Crop2. Maintenance and control of the machinery of ships and boats3. Navigation and Coastal Fisheries4. Underwater and Hyperbaric Operations The activities we will develop along the project are: Identifying priority needs, creating the local association, contacting the hosting partners, submitting the proposal, giving information to potential participants, select the candidates, encouraging and preparing participants. Collaborating with hosting partners in the preparation of the internships, designing of the educational program, CV Europass and reference letters, Language course, Administrative, finance and contract Management. The training periods will last for 13 weeks, from January to June 2016 and 2017. Follow up and Evaluation of the trainings. Evaluation of the project. Reporting, validation and dissemination of results. Expected results and outcomes for the Participants:- Achieving practical experience as a complement to the theoretical education that they have received so far during their formation- Professional mobility in order to obtain practical methodologies and innovative learning techniques- To gain language and socio-cultural abilities which empower participants competences - Completion of the technical qualifying program. - Join the labour market.Expected results for the sending and hosting partners to this project: - Contribute further to the enrichment of participants education rising their possibilities when entering into the labour market. - To improve European mobility programs management, collecting best practices for its application in future projects. - Apply new practical approaches to selected sectors - Improve professional training by the exchange of experiences that move theory to practice. - Enlarging networking of enterprises and companies to a European level strengthening bonds between members. In the long term, Encouraging occupational mobility will promote a new spirit and interest among young people towards training regarding not only professional competences but also including language competences. Youngsters will have access to educational training and will discover new employment opportunities, will see the benefits that this experience has had in former participants to this program and school absenteeism will be reduced.



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