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MARie CuRIe AGEing Network (MARRIAGE)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"One of achievements of developed societies has been the remarkable extension of human lifespan. In the upcoming decades the number of Europeans with advanced age will increase dramatically. It is evident that age-associated diseases will become much more prevalent. This poses challenges for society but also opportunities for commercial enterprises that develop strategies to combat deleterious consequences of ageing. However, our understanding of the mechanisms that contribute to ageing and its associated pathologies remain superficial and therapeutic or nutritional interventions unexplored. The complex nature of ageing as a scientific field calls for a multidisciplinary approach where teams of academic and industrial researchers join forces. The objective of this Network is to provide training in the biology of ageing to 11 Early Stage and 4 Experienced Researchers. We have assembled a premier group of scientists that focus their activities on the molecular mechanisms that underlie ageing, with an emphasis on how maintenance of genomic integrity in self-renewing tissues is preserved under different metabolic rates. The key aim of this training program is the elucidation of the molecular pathway by which intrinsic genomic integrity can be modified by the extrinsic rate of metabolism. Our Network consists of 10 full and 2 associated partners, representing 7 Member states and Switzerland and Canada, and include 4 commercial enterprises. Multiple complementary training schemes have been implemented in the Network. These include specific research projects (including multiple academic and industrial secondments), a variety of dedicated courses organized by the academic partners of the Network, and finally, training organized by the industrial partners of the Network. Trainees will become experts in the multidisciplinary field of ageing, and are expected to constitute future leaders in the field of ageing science and shape commercial activities in this realm."



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