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Manufacturing of high temperature composite parts for air cooling unit (e.g. cyanate ester / carbon fibres) by filament winding (HiTemComFil)
Date du début: 1 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This proposal addresses the fibre winding manufacturing of a sleeve structure (rotor part) for an aircraft cooling unit, which is subjected to a highly variable environment, e. g. a large temperature range, and has excellent mechanical properties to withstand mechanical loading from high speed rotations. The replacement of existing metallic structures with continuous fibre reinforced polymer parts shall allow a weight reduction and higher rotational speeds at elevated temperatures.The proposal includes a detailed analysis of requirements, current designs, and constraints to allow the proposal of a suitable manufacturing concept including material and cost assessment. A new siphon impregnation system developed at IVW allows a complete wet-out of fibres with stable processing condition and can further improve laminate quality. Cyanate esters are high sophisticated thermoset polymer resins suitable to be used in high temperature environment with highly desirable properties and encompass characteristics of epoxy resins, e. g. benzoxazines, bismaleimides or phenolic resins, but are sensitive to processing conditions, i.e. moisture uptake before and during curing. Therefore, this proposal addresses the development of a monitoring of gelation and curing of the matrix resin during processing e. g. by ultrasonic transducers, via dielectric analysis with rheological correlations, and indentation tests. Also, monitoring of filament tension, moisture and void content are addressed. The monitoring is included in or accompanies an automated and CNC-controlled fibre winding process. An optimum design for the structure shall be achieved via structural analyses including mechanical and thermo-mechanical stress analyses, design and ply book generation. Fabrication will be set-up and prototypes manufactured and mechanically tested under near-operation conditions. Finally, manufacturing will be optimized and 5 demonstrators manufactured and TRL-5 readiness assessed.This project is suggesting a fixed starting date to comply with the Eco Design program



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