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manufacturing by SLM of TItanium FAN wheels. Comparison with a conventional manufacturing process (TIFAN)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The global objective of the Eco-Design ITD is to reduce the product environmental impact while keeping competitiveness of the aeronautic industry. The TIFAN project addresses the manufacturing by SLM of fan wheel of an air cooling unit that is currently made of stainless steel. New environmental friendly fan wheels made of Titanium alloy TA6V will be developed. 5 fan wheel demonstrators will be fully manufactured and characterised within the project.The TIFAN project involved the comparison between SLM and conventional bar machining process in terms of material properties (Rm, Rp0.2, E, E%, fatigue, surface roughness and corrosion resistance), environmental impact (Life Cycle Assessment) and cost.The project will be focused in the next value aspects:• Developing at the maximum the versatility that offers of SLM manufacturing technology.• Applying advanced in-process and post-built surface quality improvement strategies.• Optimizing powder usage efficiency by defining improved powder recycling methodologies and minimizing the volume required for support structures• Optimizing fan wheel design applying full advantage of SLM possibilities: light-weight design, lattice structures.• Decrease the environmental impact and manufacturing process by means of component’s weight and waste raw materials and CO2 emissions reduction.The objective of the TIFAN project is not only to manufacture of demonstrators, but to identify the critical factors that could give rise to a further manufacturing cost and weight reduction as well as mechanical performance improvement. Some of these factors comprise a significant progress beyond the state of the art.The success of TIFAN’s goal will have technical, industrial and environmental impacts. Real impact will be measured and compared to traditional manufacturing processes. On the other hand, technical conclusions of TIFAN will be transferable to other components, fostering in this way the competitiveness of European Aeronautical Companies."



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