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Date du début: 1 nov. 2014, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MANAG_EU_LPS project is the result of the school needs' analyse and is in total accord with the identified needs: -the increase of European dimension and insternationalisation; teaching and learning of the foreign languages; a new innovative curriculum/ educational methods/development of trainings and courses. - the enhancement of the quality of Europeean projects and globalization by developing a coherent and effective perspective and educational policy as well as submitting successfully applications for Erasmus+ grants. - the management and setting of international activities ( ”Erasmus+: Sport” and eTwinning included) - correlating the national curriculum with the international ones. - intercultural communication and collaboration with foreign partners, within or out of the frame of projects, on educational themes and the use of eTwinning. - development and management of teams of teachers and pupils participating in European/international projects (team building, management of stress etc) - The use of experimental hands-on methods in teaching foreign languages and introduction of ICT techniques and tools to the primary classes. - Exploitation of techniques for motivating and encouraging pupils to learn and make use of a foreign language from an early age. - An increased use of digital tools in the classroom. -Broadening the educational offer of the school by promoting innovative motivational courses. In order to reach the aims proposed, there have been selected 11 activities of mobility (training courses) to training courses in which 14 primary / secondary teachers will participate. The expected impact on the beneficiaries regards firstly: the development of professional and personal qualities of the teachers; the increase of pupils' performances; the rise of satisfaction degree of the pupils and their families towards the educational process; educational management and project management of good quality. On the long run, the nefefits of the project will be significant in the managerial policy of the school, in the quality of the services offered by it (teaching methods, educational offer, etc.), the involvement of school in Erasmus+ projects.



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