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Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Having participated in previous programs of mobility, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, the IES La Flota decided to continue providing opportunities for their students in Vocational Studies to develop their professional practices in some other European countries throughout Erasmus +, with the clear objective to foster interchange, cooperation and mobility between education systems and training experiences within the European Union, in order to provide vocational students with nowadays required skills in the context of European employability, and to promote the learning of foreign languages. The project is aimed at 7 students of training cycles degree of professional families "Administration and Management", "Hotel and Tourism" and "Food Industry", with an average age of 25 years, being one of under eighteen. The main activities for the implementation and development of this project were: - Information to students. - Selection of participants. - Distribution of students in the host companies. - Preparation of documentation (agreements, training agreement, insurance). - Tracking mobilities. - Midterm and final through the "mobility tool" evaluation. - Evaluation of language skills through online platforms. - Preparation of the interim report and final project - Monitoring of students in the following have made their mobility, in order to assess the impact of it in the employment course. A very positive point of the Erasmus + project for Vocational Training Middle Grade, has been the increase in the amount of the grant received by participants, which has allowed agreements with new companies in some “high standard of living “countries, as well as has given an opportunity for students in disadvantaged economic scenario to do their vocational training period abroad. Likewise, the decision to offer the entire period of training in companies (FCT) abroad has been an aspect highly valued by students. Two of the students participating in the program continue working outside Spain, within the European Union, while others have decided to continue their studies in vocational training of higher degree, convinced that a complete vocational training is a must for their professional future. The positive impact of this project on students has been reflected in the fact that it has exceeded the number of applications received to participate in subsequent mobility projects.



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