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Make your VOICES heard!
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project will give the opportunity to two French volunteers de live a mobility experience abroad by taking part in a 12 months EVS project in Volunteers Centre Skopje in Macedonia. Their main task will be to participate in the writing, the page layout and the distribution of a magazine called VOICES, edited in three languages (English, Macedonian, Albanese). This project will allow the volunteers to extend their competencies in communication but also to acquire technical skills (use of various software, photography, interview techniques…) and knowledges about all the subjects developed in the magazine (actuality, environment, sciences, art, culture…). These competencies will be a valuable asset to enter the labour market when they will come back to France. Volunteers will also have the possibility to be involved in several projects led by the VCS, according to their learning objectives and their interests: youth exchanges, European trainings, activities with children and youngsters, organization of events, promotion of European programs... The VCS has a wide experience in hosting European volunteers et its members will help the volunteers to be as much as possible well integrated in local communities and to discover new cultures.The main objectives of our project are:- To promote media education and to allow participants to develop their critical mind and their leadership;- To promote diversity, intercultural dialogue, active citizenship and values promoted by European Union (liberty, tolerance, Human Rights…) both in Macedonia and in France;- To allow participants to acquire new competencies and to increase their employability;- To promote European programs for young people, in France and in Macedonia.Methods used will mostly be non-formal education methods, peer-learning and learning by doing methods.The expected impact will be visible on participants of the project, organizations et target groups.Participants will develop their knowledges, skills and abilities and increase their employability. They will also be more open-minded. This project will allow VCS and i-PEICC to extend their target audiences, to make an increased promotion of volunteerism and European programs, to make more visible their European dimension and to gain dynamism and creativity. The target group will mostly be youngsters. In Macedonia, they will be impacted by meeting directly the volunteers but also by reading articles written by volunteers in VOICES magazine. Volunteers will become ambassadors of European mobility, in Macedonia during their mobility as well as in France when they will come back. Another target group is partners – institutions and associations – of VCS and i-PEICC, who will be encouraged to develop European projects, in particular with organizations from Western Balkans countries.



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