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Make your life with music
Date du début: 2 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 1 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of the project is to build intercultural dialogue through the music and to develop entrepreneurship skills of the participants.Through variety of activities on local and international level, we would like to achieve the following objectives:1. To build international relations through the songs and to create an international song in order to increase participants awareness and the possibilities of international product.2. To discuss and to compare the music industry in different countries and make analysis on it.3. To empower the youngsters to foster their entrepreneurial attributes and management skills in music industry.4. To develop production skills: to analyse the music market in different countries and promotion of own products.5. To develop the international solidarity and friendship and to build tolerant attitude of the young people towards different nationalities.6. To expand artistic skills by performing songs in front of the audience.6 countries amounting in 37 participants take part in the project. Each country is represented by 6 participants and a team leader. In order to run the organization of the project smoothly, the Lithuanian team, in charge for submitting an application form, consists of 2 main group leaders. The participants of the project are the habitants of the towns in their final school year and the students graduating from universities. The participants are in age of 16 to 24 years old. The planned activities of the project are of the non-formal nature. They will be performed in the mixed groups. These activities will be performed in mixed groups. In order to better reveal the topic of the project and to involve the participants of different ages into the activities the participants will exchange among themselves during mentioned activities. After the activities the reflection on them will take place, which help the youth to better understand what they have learned. These non-formal activities will foster the sense of international feeling of the youth in order to promote the cultural awareness, intercultural dialogue among the participating countries. The participants will broaden intellectual sophistication, cultural awareness, will try to find out so many common things among all different countries in terms of entrepreneurship, music industry and labor market in their countries, they will also practice English and other language skills.The project applies the so called learning from others methodology. This methodology does not allow to grow the ego of the youth,encourages to accept different views, learn from each other and develop the holistic approach.After the project we seek to introduce it to the youth, participating organizations and other target groups of the small towns/cities and to involve them into the activities. Together with the team of students participating in the project we would like to arrange some practical exercises (workshops) using some musical performances as a tool for solving issues at schools and universities. With help of the workshops we will encourage the youth occupation providing them with the opportunity to spend their time meaningfully, which will hopefully encourage them to take the responsibility for the important issues in society.Themed music workshops will help to once again take a look at the topic analyzed during the youth exchange (review of the music industry in regard as an opportunity to promote their talents and skills in societies and make the conclusions of that).



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