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Make the difference enjoying diversity
Date du début: 1 mai 2013,

Make the difference enjoying diversity aims to promote the participation of young people with fewer opportunities in international volunteer projects.The volunteers will participate in work camps in different European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland), which will give them the opportunity to experience the coexistenceand teamwork with young people from different backgrounds and cultural contexts, to feel active citizens, to enjoy a comprehensive learning process which would normally inaccessible, and become agents of ASL social transformation.In this EVS participating organizations as COCAT, Concordia France, Bretagne bâtisseurs Compagnons, Compagnons bâtisseurs Belgique, Grenzenlos, IBG and Workcamp Switzerland, which promoteVolunteering as a tool for personal and collective development through participation in socialprojects dedicated to the common good and organized and from civil society. This project isa great opportunity for learning and growth for volunteer participants, and an interesting social contribution to Europe more inclusive, sustainable and collaborative, where young actors are relevant and where inequalities disappear in favor of the richness of diversity.


6 Participants partenaires