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make peace, not war
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Het Schienvat is a youth center in the Nort East part of Holland, near the German border. The area has been challenged for generations because of low educational levels, bad health and unemployment. The other participants come from a small village in Sicily, Italy and from Cyprus, each country will send 11 youngsters and a youth leader. The Dutch and Italian group live in an isolated area, the Dutch group also comes from a low educated area with many unemployed citizens and health problems that are high beyond average in Holland. Trough exchanges young people will face a bigger world than the one they are familiar with at home. Youngsters help prepare the project from the start, basically they own the project. They come up with a theme (in this case "make peace, not war", they have had a big input in the application process and they are actively involved in each stage of the project. The organisations we work with are already known to us trough other projects we were enthousiastic about. War is a subject that we talk about a lot nowadays. Some youngsters are very interested in world war 2, others are worried about the instable situation all over the world. This is why they came up with this theme. They want to learn about war: how does it start and how can you prevend war. We will use role models from past and now in order to learn how to keep peace. We want to learn about alternatives for hate and revenge and share those outcomes with as many people as possible. In order to get outcomes and visibility of the project we will work with artists, the 4th/ 5th of may comittee and the festival of freedom. Potential longer term benefits mostly lie within the local community. They will look at other cultures less narrow minded ones they have met the wonderfull en friendly young people from Italy and Cyprus. These youngsters look like the refugees they see on television: black hair, dark eyes, darker skin, strange language, etc. Discussions will take place in local society, leaving more space for new input. Also it will gain respect for the youngsters in their community. Instead of 'making trouble' in the neighbourhood, they show what they can achieve as well.Since we will be in a project on discrimination next year as well, this project will live longere than just a week in 2016.



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