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Make Audience Listen
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The activity entitled 'Make Audience Listen' is training course that connects 8 organizations having similar vision, aims and goals that are interested to develop their capacities, improve quality of provided services and provide their stuff members new opportunities for development. Training course will connect 30 participants who are actively involved in the field of youth coming from following countries: Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, and Macedonia. Project team will consist from experts and support stuff coming from Macedonia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. The role of each project partner will be clearly described in partnership agreements that will be signed in the preparation period with each participating organization. In overall, partners will be responsible for selection and preparation of the participants, for supporting the applicant in all project stages, for ensuring visibility of the project and for supporting the participants in developing new ideas into new local and international projects and initiatives in follow-up period. Regarding the place and date training course is planned to be implemented in Bratislava, Slovakia from 12.7. to 18. 7. 2015 (excluding travel days). The training course ‘Make Audience Listen’ is aiming to provide youth workers, leaders, project managers and volunteers actively engaged in their communities an opportunity to develop and strengthen competencies necessary to perform their work tasks in high quality as teamwork, leadership, problem solving and conflict management. Moreover, the training course will also focus on increasing the abilities of the participants to use at their work new tools, techniques and methods that are addressing specific needs and interests of their beneficiaries and leading to their personal and professional development. Last but not least, the training course will be also an opportunity for all involved to strengthen their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme especially Key Action 1: Mobility of Youth Workers and brainstorm new ideas for projects that would tackle specific challenges of their communities. In overall, the training course ‘Make Audience Listen’ is designed with line of aims and objectives of Erasmus + Programme as well as is reflecting Europe 2020 strategy. The project is especially leading to a) Improvement of the level of key competencies and skills of directly involved participants as the beneficiaries of their activities;During the training course, participants will have an opportunity to develop set of competencies needed for self- and professional development, linked to their professional profiles as well as the training course will be an opportunity for the participants to get to know new tools, methods and techniques that they can implemented at their work and activities that are being implemented with goal to increased self-empowerment and self-esteem of young people involved in these activities, support their active participation in the society and motivate them to take part in future non-formal based activities. b) Increase the ability to address the needs of participants’ target groups;The training course will provide the participants with an opportunity to strengthen their abilities to identify and address the needs of those involved in their activities and provide them with space for development of skills that they can also apply in future e.g. in job seeking process. We are convinced that through participation in the activities, participants will become more aware of the ways of approaching the needs and interests of their target groups in innovative and engaging way. c) Increase capacity of participants’ organizations to operate at EU/international level and applied innovative programs and activities that are in line with needs and interests of their target groups.Through the training course the participants will also strengthen their knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and moreover have a possibility to get to know new tools, techniques and methods that they can apply at their work and make young people from their communities to feel engaged.



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