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Date du début: 1 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this project, the young people will come together. The Project aims to increase awareness and consciousness about European Identity. The Project will mainly focus on cultural interactions via outdoor activities and youth camps. Besides, it will also serve for environmental purposes and for youth in education and cultural centers. Youth with different background in terms of culture, religion, language and ethnicity will come together and share their personal and national experience. The activities planned under this Project will assist to Turkish young people to value western lifestyle, at the same time as thay introduce their rich costoms to western youth. This Project includes 6 partners from 4 different countries (Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Lithuania). It consists of 30 volunteers who will trip to hosting organization in different times. Each group will stay in hosting countries from 2 months up to 12 months. The hosting institutions from partner organizations work in various fields from youth activities, media – communication to increase awareness about environmental protection. The volunteers will serve under the supervision of hosting organizations throughout the Project time. The Project will take place between 01.09.2014 and 31.08.2016.



8 Participants partenaires