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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Universia Foundation intends to apply its experience in organization and volunteer management to the European Voluntary Service program, published by ERASMUS +. The purpose of it is to provide young people with disabilities to undertake tasks of volunteering outside Spain.It aims to promote the autonomy and independence of the user, as well as support their individual strengthening to be able to face the unknown and develop technical and personal skills that will improve their future employability.In this way it would provide the same opportunities as the rest of society, a group that for their physical, mental or sensory conditions, find their economical, social and cultural participation more difficult in equal conditions. In addition to this volunteer project, we would raise awareness on the scope of the powers of volunteers with disabilities to perform these tasks, to other recipient organizations. This would contribute to the creation of a new perspective of these organizations on the group of young people with disabilities. The profile of the volunteers will be based on these criteria:- Objective point of view:• be in possession of a certificate of disability equal to or superior than 33%• Be aged between 18-30 years.- Subjective point of view:• Motivation• Availability• prioritization of studies that have greater difficulty in employment• CommitmentMobilization of 4 volunteers is planned, two for each organization (FORCA from Serbia and Child Family Society from Georgia).The developed activities are all related to promoting the development of the most vulnerable children of different ethnicity, in the case of Serbia and disabled in the case of Georgia.It is expected to achieve the following results of the volunteers:- The acquisition of a new experience- Improving foreign language skills- Improving the understanding and the ability to respond to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity- The acquisition of new skills for employability- More active solidarity and participation in society- Improved ability to interact.- Serve as an example to others who aspire to perform volunteer work.- Be references in the whole educational process for children and parents- Increased motivation and satisfaction in everyday work and greater opportunity for professional development.



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