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Make a Change
Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Make a Change project is a reaction to years-long experience with non-formal teaching of foreign languages. We have realized that the existing methods and tools result in either defensive attitudes of students (refusal, ignorance, difficulties with learning) or useless memorising which brings only short-term results. We have also noticed that the tools (text-books and exercises) often lack context in which languages operate. Teachers thus become mentors rather then guides. Our aim is to realize such activities that will train the teachers to identify and understand the motivation of their students, be able to reflect on this motivation with effective tools and methods, to recognize the memory type of each student and implement such means that will lead to quality learning and memorising. Make a Change project´s ambition is to formulate solid grounds for future international partnership. It intends to realize one activity (a combination of training and workshop) oriented at youth workers with specialization in non-formal language teaching, couching, language minorities support and counselling and training of future teachers. In particular it focuses on language teaching, motivation, teaching and learning methods, and teaching and learning of foreign language to language minorities (those, for whom for example English language has to be acquired by acquisition of majority language). Training activities will be supervised by qualified experts (a psychologist, a couch, a teacher trainer and an expert on teaching methodology, and foreign language teachers). The workshop part of the project activity is devoted to preparation and realizaltion of 2 project outputs.Project expects participation of 25 people from 2 countries (Slovakia and Poland) including 5 trainers and supervisors. Organizations participating in the project are active in the field of non-formal teaching and/or training of young people and workers with youth. Project is organized in 6 working days + 2 days for arrivals and departures of the participants. Working days are divided into morning and afternoon sessions each ending in a "Summary" sesssion. Activities are finalized by preparation of 2 project outputs - a questionnaire and a manual in English, Slovak and Polish mutation. The tools will be promoted, disseminated, used and tested by participants, partner organizations and international partners within the project period (untill August 31, 2016).



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