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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Teacher-centered, traditional education system cause a gap between the students and the teachers, which lead early school leavings dropings or low achievements. Also, teacher-educated systems prevent students gain the skills necessary for them to be successful in future. As teachers we have to help our students to develop their critical thinking, problem solving, self-expression and cooperation skills, creativity and self confidance. The project aims -to give a chance to the teenage students from different cultures to express the mistakes of grown-ups through the technique of drama. -compare the behaviours the students from different countries percieve erronuous. -help students develop their critical thinking skills, self-expression skills, creativity, cooperating skills, creativity, problem solving skills, self expression skills, self confidence and sypmhatizing skills. -to make the students become familiar with a student-centered technique, drama -decrease the rate of early school leavings by creating a students-friendly atmosphere at schools. partners Sehit İsmail Tetik High School (Turkey), Colegiul Grigore Antipa (Romania), Kraziai Gymnasium (Lithuania), Istituto Istruzione Superiore G. Malafarina (Italy), Institut Guillem Catà (Spain) activities: -creating an online platform for dissemination and communication -conducting a questionnaire about erronuous adult behaviours in 5 countries and creating a comparative raport/analysis -creating theatre scripts and the performances and also backstage videos by the theatre groups in each partner countries -creating a theatre newspaper -organizing a theatre night -5 universal message from the teeangers to adults -6 project meetings -dissemination activities - 5 day drama training for the teachers intellectual outputs: theatre newspaper, moodle platform and scripts booklet multiplier events: theatre night and sending the newspaper to different schools at the partner countries results Critical thinking skills, cooperating skills, creativity, problem solving skills, self expression skills, self confidence and sypmhatizing skills will be developed among the students, because the students will criticize the grown-ups from their own views through the theatre scripts and the performances. Meanwhile, they will work with a team in cooperation with their friends, they will use their creativity, problem solving skills, self expression skills and critical thinking skills and they will become more confident. • Language skills, survival skills and the ICT skills of the students will develop as well, because the students will use English language to communicate with the students from different countries in project meetings and the moodle platform. Also, they will write the theatre scripts and perform them in English language. Besides, they will gain awareness and tolerance towards different cultures and differences. They will communicate through moodle paltform; which will increase their ICT skills. Lastly, during the project meetings the participants students will have to take care of themselves in a foreign country while they are far away from their families; which will develop their survival skills. • A new student-centered technique and view will have been suggested to the traditional teacher-centered techniques • The teachers and the parents will symphatize with the students more, or vice versa. Thus, at the end of this process, good relationships will be developed among the teachers, students and the parents. A positive school atmosphere will be created; which will contribute to the solututions of such problems as low achievement rate, dropouts and early leavings common in education system and creating a more students-friendly nad student centered school culture. -Through the drama education the teachers will take during the project, the teachers at the project team had a clue about how to apply the technique at their lessons. Also, They will use both during and after the project. - A theatre saloon were decorated at the applicant school.



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