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Maison de l'Europe Pyrénées-Roussillon
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Within the frame of the EVS program, the Maison de l'Europe Pyrénées-Roussillon will host during ten months a volunteer who will participate to all of its activities. The volunteer will work daily with his tutor in each aspect, each action done by the Maison de l’Europe. He will be asked to take initiatives. When it will be necessary, he will help to the reception of the public. The Maison de l’Europe organizes regularly cultural weeks which will necessitate a lot of preparation ahead : meetings and discussions with partners, search of new partners, school animation to create awareness of the importance of the EU, logistics. Some of these activities happen during nights or week-ends. The volunteer will help, in the same time, to elaborate and update the pedagogical material. The volunteer will finally observe, before helping later, to the consulting activities of the Maison de l’Europe Pyrénées Roussillon. We are regularly consulted by individual people or organizations seeking advices to get European fundings. He will finally be a part of the editorial work on the quarterly newsletter as well on our website. According to the project established with the sending organization, the volunteer will have the opportunity to create and elaborate projects with his tutor which will help him, and in another hand, he will bring something new to the association by creating and organizing new actions by his own initiative. This project is overall a close cooperation between the volunteer and the organization, the first being guided and supported in his actions as well as sollicitated to bring something new.



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