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MagnetoCaloric Refrigeration for Efficient Electric Air Conditioning (ICE)
Date du début: 1 nov. 2010, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ICE is focused on the development of a new air conditioning and heat pump system based on the Magneto Caloric heat pump and a on the redesign of the cabin air conditioning and microclimate control to use is the most efficient way the cooling and heating power.The Consortium includes a SME having a relevant and unique KH on Magneto Caloric heat pump, a OEM supported by an acknowledged automotive research center, a tier one automotive supplier and two important academic and research institutions.The FEV scenario is moving towards a progressive diffusion in urban areas (e.g. small passenger cars and small buses). In this context a small bus has been selected as a demonstrator vehicle this because represents a challenging application, is commercially available and in use (real use data available) within the consortium so to give a real chance of exploitation in the short –medium term period for the project outcomes.Within the project will be also evaluated the applications for passenger cars and trucks (parking heating and cooling).The project major contents areEfficient automotive electrical compact heat pump (COP > 5 in cooling mode) based on Magneto Caloric effect using high efficiency magnetic materials, smart design and specific micro channelled heat exchangers.Redesign of the thermal power distribution system based on a coolant loop to distribute locally in the cabin the thermal power and to control the temperature of batteries and electronics.Microclimate control system based on thermal comfort and able to limit the thermal power generation only to the really required quantity and to adapt the system to the occupants’ number.Sustainable Cost: thanks to the resize of the systems and systems integrationThe project results will be validated installing the system on an electrical bus and testing it also with road tests.The project includes also a relevant dissemination and exploitation activity to promote the application of the ICE approach.



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