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Magic Mouse
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The aim of our Project called 'Magic Mouse' is to learn how the technology is used in different educational settings, and to get different educational experiences. We would like to observe and experience how technology is used in curriculum, in different countries for student achievement and evaluation. We have put this Project together to make training easier through practical teaching methods while exploring a different approach to education. We aim to observe how math training has been realized in European schools and would like to create techniques that we can apply in our own education system. Building new relationships through international experiences while observing differences is among the important goals of our Project. Substantially, our digi-based Project seeks new horizons in education. (To make math-learning more fun, to change the perspective of students about math in a positive way, to comprehend the necessity of ensuring the inclusion of mathematics througout their lives) Our math teacher, who has proven herself and her proficiency as a good leader with her expertise in transmitting knowledge, will be participating. The Project activities will be held first in Prague at ICT Education Courses and job monitoring activities in GM de Bosmier Primary School in Belgium. Students will be given the theoretical information that they need to effectively create and impliment their own e-learning solutions. Using this theoretical knowledge, they will then complete several practical tasks designed to teach them how to properly and effectively use an e-learning platform. In addition, each trainee will produce a sample e-lesson according to their backgrounds and needs. The instructor will present information, guide the students through the practical components, and offer feedback and suggestions. At the end of activities, participants will have a new point of view. New ideas and gains will be presented to school through meetings. As a result, practical knowledge gained through technology like use of laptops and I-pads while creating fun in classrooms will be materialized in our school.



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