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Magic in the classroom with Augmented Reality
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project focuses on transformation and modernisation of education by implementing the use of tablets (iPads, Android or Windows 8) and smartphones in training, teaching and learning process. The project aims to: - study the potential that tablets and smartphones offer in their daily practice in the classroom especially in their preparation of the activities that facilitate collaborative learning, research, creativity and evaluation; - explore new ways in which tablets, smartphones can help participants to develop communication, research and self-expression; - integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities by close cooperation of 7 EU schools where students and teachers will be able to learn and exchange; - to stimulate the entrepreneurial mindsets of young people to support everyone in day-to-day life at home and in society; - improve English language skills as a modern foreign language; - develop diversity of European cultures by raising awareness of values. The project has been designed to ultimately provide excitement, enjoyment and challenge for participants, to develop positive attitudes to learning throughout ICT apps. The partnership includes SEVEN different European schools from Latvia, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Turkey and Greece. Students of primary and secondary schools aged 7 till 16 will be actively involved into project activities to improve their lives, influence their thinking, impact on the communities within they act. Such general education subjects will be in the centre of the project: Music, Art, geography, natural science, IT, English as a foreign language, history, social studies. To achieve the greater effectiveness of the project aims we are planning to use the following free modern techno-friendly free programmes: Aurasma Studio; QR Code maker; Haiku Deck and Prezi; LogoDesign Enginer; Polldaddy, SurveyMonkey, Poll Maker; Book Creator Free; Magisto and Thinklink; RedLaser, Barcode Scanner, Quick Response Code Reader; Freemind, Piktochart; Mandala Painter Lite; iBrainstorm; Photo Grid - Collage Maker. Within the framework of the project we plan to implement 18 activities: A1 Erasmus + panoramic project digital; A2 Project's website on Twinspace platform; A3 Aurasma and QR codes applications usage and guides; A4 Sharing knowledge on Aurasma and QR codes; A5 Preparation of presentation of school and country; A6 Logo contest; A7 Three digital gift cards with elements of local decorations; A8 Preparation of artistic performance; A9 Evaluation and dissemination of project results; A10 ebook ‘’How to be safe in the classroom; A11 Aurasma three Christmas and New Year animated drawings’ gift cards; A12 Reality map "Famous musicians and musical instruments"; A13 Reality map "Power of number 7"; A14 “My school’s rules” collage creation; A15 Reality map "The Power of 7 EU partnercountries; A16 Aurasma or QR codes three national gift cards; A17 Mandalas painting; A18 Aurasma “Thank you” letters. Participants will learn about advantages of tablets and smartphones usages in educational process; will study a range of free Apps covering different content and activities to support learning, communication and best practice approaches and practical examples for using tablets and smartphones in education in general in different EU countries. Participants will become responsible and safe. Digital technologies and entrepreneurship will be effectively implemented into a curriculum. Mutual understanding, warm relationships, effective communication among partners will be improved. Professional, modern and dynamic environment in the classroom will be produced. Results with the usage of new, innovative techniques will be evaluated and disseminated. We plan to implement: -three transnational meetings for teachers in Latvia, Croatia, Portugal. - a short-term joint staff event for teachers in Spain; - three short-term exchanges of groups of pupils in Turkey, Lithuania, Greece. With this project it is expected to increase cooperation, internationalization, networking, efficiency of management and leadership of participating organizations. Project will bring positive long-term impact on the participants implementing of innovative practices. It is expected to make learning and teaching more attractive to meet the aims of the project. Supported actions will increase the initiative, fulfill foreign language knowledge, improve digital skills, professional skills, motivation and participation in society. Projects will rise awareness between different learning forms, about European projects and develop positive attitudes towards the EU values. Artistic performances will connect cultures, will break the barriers, create friendships during transnational meetings. Participants from Seven different cultural backgrounds will often see challenges and think of solutions in different ways. Tablets are Good, Content is Better, Teachers and Students are the Best.



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