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M.U.S.T. Mobility for Upgrading Skills in Tourism
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Umbria is a tourist destination with many tangible and intangible attraction factors, widespread in the territory, and very different from each other. However, it has to address a number of critical issues to improve their competitiveness. “MUST” responds to the need to acquire professional knowledge and skills designed to enable promotional and marketing strategies through the exhibition.The experience abroad allows students:- Attend in the first week a training and technical visits that will introduce them to the organizational and methodological aspects of business in the field of international trade fair, taking into consideration the best practices in the sector;- Participate actively in the second week in various sectors of the fair: reception, escort, stand operators, etc.“MUST” aims to address problems and practical needs that characterize the individual, professional, social and cultural dimension of its beneficiaries, as the following: need to go from the knowledge to that of the know-how; need to measure their knowledge "in the field", improve their professional and language skills and acquire new ones; scarce and uncertain ability to effectively integrate them into the world of work; need of individual, professional and social achievement. In line with the Europe 2020 and ET2020 (ET 2020) strategies, it aims to offer the students a real opportunity for personal and professional growth focused on the skills and abilities required by the specific local labor market, and indirectly facilitate, an overall improvement of the tourism system in Umbrian in terms of quality, sustainability, innovation and internationalization.The project is aimed at students of Secondary school level II to the Third EQF level (mainly of the fifth year) alternating active social-work paths, or periods of learning in the work situation for the professionalization of the curriculum.The result expected in the framework of the European recommendations and instruments for the quality of vocational training, involved to organize, manage and implement 59 mobility experiences lasting 6 days in January 2016.The preparatory activities preparation, aimed at all eligible students as a prerequisite to participate in mobility, comprised:1.Preparation Pre-mobilityParticipants will have the opportunity to:- Participate in a presentation of a detailed strategies description of management, communication, monitoring, evaluation, and a certification of transnational experience.- Receive and provide information on logistical and administrative details related to travel planning- Participate in information sessions on the code of trainee conduct.2. Preparation during mobilityThere will be a welcome session by the body responsible for the management of mobility abroad, during which, in addition to technical-logistic and administrative internship, will be given practical information about social skills, communication skills, ability in the resolution conflicts, etc.During the first week of training, participants will be part of the exhibition preparation, covering general topics about culture, enhancing local marketing, strategies descriptions, the discussion of an event and a fair with implementation of the plan programming and implementation, with feasibility verification and possible reshaping according to the objectives set with company visits to field observations.3. Linguistic preparationBeing an international event, all trainees, while performing an internship in the Netherlands, will have the opportunity to follow an intensive language technical vehicular courses (English). It will be organized in collaboration with the Institute teachers, to assess their language skills level ex ante and ex post by filling in the Europass Language Passport.The expected impact in Europe is the creation of a debate in the field of education that can contribute to the development of skills in the field of professions in tourism. As well as being a key factor for the growth of the sector, constituting a community through the exchange of good practices, and promoting transferability and multiplication.A Local and Regional level is crucial to commit the resources to make a great promotional strategic plan, to be implemented through collective action, to see all the stakeholders involved in a synergistic effort.



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