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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Social change and the cultural, economic and political phenomena triggered by international migration, and the challenges that these changes pose to the institutions and civil society are now a key priority to deal with. The statistics indicate that the field of entrepreneurship of migrants is growing and expanding, even in opposition to the negative trend recorded by Italian companies during the economic crisis. An analysis at European level shows that the situation is similar in all countries. It is a field that must be protected, nourished and encouraged, not only because it generates income and employment growth, but mainly because it has been and is an effective tool of social and economic integration. The path outlined by the project winds through several key and competitive stages to achieve the objective. Each partner having experience on project issues, will start from the analysis of the good practices adopted by them in completed projects, in order to identify good and replicable ideas. This will be done in parallel with the good practices adopted at national level by the European countries with the highest immigration rate and then we will proceed, in light of the findings, to the testing of a new training methodology for the improvement of the professionals operating in various capacities in this area. Through this innovative curriculum, experienced during the training of twenty professionals, we will create a new professional with transferable skills that can support the migrant who wants to start a business at every stage of the process to follow. The last step involves the development of a free info-training path available to aspiring migrant entrepreneurs for the acquisition or consolidation of entrepreneurial and managerial notions. This will be carried out by professionals educated during this training program that, thanks to its experience and the skills acquired, will develop a structure that takes into account the specific needs of the migrants. The project proposes to give an effective and coherent response to the issues highlighted by migrant entrepreneurs and that emerged from investigations conducted in Italy and Europe. The economic difficulties, which have resulted in lack of access to traditional bank financing channels often being towards migrant subjects without guarantee and hence not bankable, plus the lack of adequate preparation or the failure of business and management. Another critical point was seen in the retrieval of specific information as the means of access to microcredit and entrepreneurial documentation necessary to support the request and the procedure for preparing a business plan. Furthermore, the excessive fragmentation of information and therefore the need to address multiple agencies and offices is, according to the findings, a long and dispersive process and often a real disincentive. Through the synergistic action of the various sectors involved we will proceed to the strengthening of the network on which the entrepreneurship of migrants. In addition to the adjustment of the professional operators that interface with these subjects, in fact will create a real network of support to a national and European level. Social inclusion that will result will have an impact not only on the economy but also on issues related to migration (unemployment, marginalization, poverty). Through this project we will thus stimulate an aspect which today represents a real asset for Europe. The importance of this project is given, in fact, by the awareness of the importance of the role of the migrant entrepreneurship for the current company and therefore the need to invest.



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