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lycentric Planning Models for Local Development in Territories interested by Corridor 5 and its TEN-T ramifications (POLY5)
Date du début: 31 août 2011, Date de fin: 30 août 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main problem addressed is the marginalization that a major transport infrastructure (MTI) can cause to alpine areas. The project aims at making mountain areas catch the opportunities of MTIs, rather than just suffer their environmental and social impact, targeting the phases of piloting and policy implementation.The project foresees the elaboration of an unbiased method to measure the value of an alpine area and to maximize it, given the presence of a MTI. A polycentric development toolkit will synthesize the method providing indication to public actors for each phase of MTIs life-cycle. Pilot actions will test some solutions and final validation of the toolkit will lead to guidelines integrating project results in transnational policies, adopted by policy makers at different administrative level. A transversal activity will be the involvement of local communities to build consensus, raising awareness on the importance of participating and controlling public choices/processes. Achievements: Activities during the preparation phase lead to the definitive version of the Application Form, which will be, from now on, the project guidance and reference, in terms of activities, budget and timetable.In its first month of life, POLY5 project mainly produced internal documents to support the partnership in its management. A Vademecum for technical and financial management has been issued to support project participants in their day to day management.The management team has been built through the definition of member of the Project Technical Management Committee under the guidance of the Project Steering group, chaired by the Lead Partner and composed by representatives of all project partners and for which rules of procedures have been formalized.[uid]=33&tx_txrunningprojects_pi1[view]=singleView



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