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Lucrători competitivi pe piața muncii europene în domeniile industriei alimentare și alimentației publice
Date du début: 30 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The present project was created out of the desire to provide for the students of our school more opportunities for professional and personal development in various social-economic contexts, but especially to meet the needs of our school, the main one being the adjustment of the educational offer of professional training to the requirements of the labour market which, at the moment, in our region, needs labourers in the fields of meat processing, of bakery and pastry production as well as workers in the public services domain. The students' training has to be completed with more work practice in the fields of food industry and services unfolded within an organized framework (a real work place) where there are used modern techniques and technologies, with a view to developing their professional competencies at European standards, their team work abilities, those of communication in a foreign language using specialised terminology. By meeting these needs their professional training will be improved and diversified, in direct relation to the competitiveness of the labour market in the fields of food industry and that of tourism and services, in order to raise the quality of education and professional training as well as to ensure a better transition from school to active life. By satisfying those needs the project will contribute to the increase of the institution's competitiveness on the local and regional professional training market. The specific objectives of this project are the development and improvement of the competencies, knowledge and practical abilities in the field of meat products processing and that of the production of bakery and pastry products but also those specific to the basic training field of tourism and services, unanimously accepted at European level, for the quality education that may facilitate the youth's access to the national and European labour markets; the development of the communication and language abilities using specialised terms in a foreign language by interacting with their colleagues in the work place and not only; the consolidation of the team work competencies and of those dealing with solving problems in the work place, the improvement of the participants' flexibility and autonomy in decision making, all these being necessary for the integration on the labour market, be it national or international; the development of the students' creativity and resourcefulness with a view to obtaining traditional products specific to the area of the mobility; the improvement of their socializing ability with people of different cultures, of the participants' ability to become part of a new social-cultural environment by manifesting appreciation and tolerance for the values of the host countries, and the enlargement of their professional and linguistic horizons by collaborating with food industry and touristic companies from Europe. The participants are 10th and 11th graders from the classes of food industry (16 students with professional training in processing meat products and the obtaining of bakery-pastry products that will participate to the mobility in Setubal, Portugal) and the ones preparing in the field of services, respectively, (15 students that will do their practice at Menai College in Wales, UK), aged 15 to 17. During the project there will be organized pedagogical, cultural and linguistic preparation classes, before the unfolding of the mobilities aimed at facilitating their training activity. During the mobility there will be done work practice activities according to the participants’ specialization (processing of meat and meat products with modern techniques and technologies, the obtaining of bakery and pastry products with modern techniques and technologies, the preparation of culinary products and the service activities in the restaurant according to the methods used in the area), everything done at the highest European professional standards. The foreseen results are both to the direct benefit of the participants and that of the sending institution as well – for the students, the competencies acquired will help them in their future professional activity and to find a work place, whereas at institutional level we count on its opening towards other collaborations with European institutions within similar programmes but not only, the diversifying of the technologies used during the practical training classes, the increase of the percentage of school graduates integrated on the labour market, the increase of the level of the school’s competitiveness at local, regional and national level. We also foresee the possibility of closing more cooperation agreements with local and regional companies where our students’ practical training sessions may be done.



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