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Lower ability maths teaching
Date du début: 10 oct. 2014, Date de fin: 9 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

'Maths teaching and learning for lower-ability students -the Finnish model' Priory School has a need to develop more effective ways of teaching compulsory subjects, especially Maths. Maths teaching at the middle and top end of the ability scale is successful and realises very strong results. However, more creative, innovative teaching is required lower down the ability range in order to secure higher rates of success, achievement, access to further education and employability. The project will comprise one member of staff from Priory School visiting the Maths department at the Mäkelänrinteen lukio school in Finland. Kirstine has been a qualified Maths teacher for 8 years. She has been selected as she has an excellent track record for teaching higher and middle-ability students. However, the Maths department at Priory as a whole (7 teachers) has struggled to achieve the same levels of success for lower ability students. Kirstine is a pro-active and aspirational teacher who is keen to research other practices in a bid to raise aspirations and success for all children. Through a week long programme in Finland, Kirstine will be involved in Lesson observations, Team teaching, One-to-one meetings with Head of Teaching and Learning, One-to-one meeting with Head of Maths , Scrutiny of schemes of work, lesson planning and student resources - this will allow her to develop knowledge, skills and expertise to deliver Maths more successfully to lower-ability students at Priory School. The potential long-term benefits are exciting and many! These include the acquisition of knowledge and expertise of teaching Maths successfully to lower-ability students by Maths teachers across the East Sussex area including trainee teachers at the University of Brighton and University of Sussex. In addition, the experience and sharing of general learning and teaching pedagogy in Finland and England is motivating and developmental for all colleagues and students in the project. The further development of the established link between two European schools will help to identify inter-european opportunities for all teaching staff, support staff and students.



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