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Low-cost and energy-efficient LTCC sensor/IR-UWB transceiver solutions for sustainable healthy environment (SENSEIVER)
Date du début: 1 déc. 2011, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Today, more than ever, the public demands credible and understandable information about the quality of the environment in which they live or work. However, the environmental parameters monitored by commercial sensors do not give information about pollutants presence but about general state of our surroundings. Accordingly, innovative and multidisciplinary methods are needed to carry out efficient information exchange across the various sectors involved in environmental monitoring.The SENSEIVER (SENSor/transcEIVER) proposal presents a joint effort to reinforce the relevant technical bases by providing excellent training opportunities to young researchers in the following fields:(1) innovative and cost-effective sensors and their fabrication in LTCC (Low-Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) technology,(2) new sensitive materials as coating layers for unique LTCC microsensors platforms,(3) highly energy-efficient UWB (ultra wideband) transceivers compatible with designed LTCC sensors, and(4) intelligent systems for acquisition, processing and displaying data relevant to soil, air and water quality.ITN is composed of five outstanding academic/research participants, three leading industrial partners (SMEs) and three associated partners, from six countries. This training network has significant potential to improve career perspectives of 19 early-stage and 6 experienced researchers from partnering institutions and to spread expertise, knowledge and skills to wider scientific, engineering and environmental communities.Moreover, this ITN will expose all participants to complementary schools of thought that will initiate research in new areas and new topics within curriculum, giving it fresh perspective to the market oriented applications of designed materials, sensors and transceivers.



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