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Low carbon Economy and its policy in economic integration of EU
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EU plays a leading role in terms of tackling climate change and energy policy innovation. EU sets out its long-term, consistent and ambitious target and policy. Low carbon economy and its policy is becoming important new driver of EU’s economic integration, particularly, after the financial crisis.However, there is no systematic curriculum in China’s university to teach the students about it. As China pays more and more attention to tackling climate change and transforms toward low carbon economy, both teaching and academic study on low carbon economy and its policy are needed urgently by China. The labour market of China demands more and more professionals of low carbon economy and its policy. This project will focus on teaching activities about low carbon economy and its policy in economic integration of EU. The academic added value of this project is that students inside and outside Wuhan university and officials, enterprisers as well as civil society will know better and systematically the low carbon idea, innovation, methodology, contribution and efforts of EU, the new driver, trend and outlook of European economic integration in future which will give greater visibility to this field of study in China.Plentiful activities and outcomes of this project will be used inside and outside Wuhan University. The teaching and study on EU in Wuhan University will be improved and in-depth, the young generation of teacher and researcher will be promoted, students will match better the increasing demand of labour market. All target groups of this project will know systematically that the European Union’s Idea, effort, innovation and contribution to tackling climate change and low carbon economy, which has been neglected in EU studies in China before.