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Love4Tourism: Learning Outcomes Via Exchange for Tourism
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Recently the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in the document "Fostering creativity, entrepreneurship and mobility in education and training" (2015/C 332/03), recommended member states to adopt measure to increase sense of entrepreneurship in young people also through internship in their study programme and mobility. The EESC also stated that there is a need of improving the recognition of competences gained abroad and training educators to do this.IGS is working since many years for improving the sense of entrepreneurship in young people through the project "StudentLab" carried out in the school of the consortium. The project "Love4Tourism: Learning Outcomes Via Exchange for Tourism” takes the entrepreneurship education carried out at school into a European dimension, by offering 100 students the possibility of doing a 3-week curricular internship abroad in companies of the touristic sector, in order to develop competences and observe the entrepreneurial models applied abroad. The students attend the 4th year of studies, this allows a maximum capitalization of the experience because they have good knowledge about technical subjects and a basic language skills.OBJECTIVESThe project’s general objective is to foster employability and sense of entrepreneurship of the participants through the acquisition of key and professional competences to successfully achieve the qualification, and specialize further or integrate smoothly into the labor market, perhaps even starting their own business. The project also aims to:- Making mobility a reality of the educational system in Naples;- Increase the attractiveness of technical and vocational education;- facilitate the recognition of gained competences through ECVET;- Strengthening and structuring regional partnerships towards the creation of a consortium for VET mobility in Campania.ACTIVITIESAfter a first phase of information and selection, the participants will receive a thorough preparation which will cover not only the language aspects but also: practical information, culture, safety at work, adapting to a foreign country and the working environment. Each participant will sign a learning agreement which will specify the objectives, learning outcomes, practical information on the internship’s organization and tasks.During the period abroad, participants will be followed by a tutor in Italy, a tutor in the country of destination, and a company tutor who will guide them in the learning process. Participants will disseminate their experience though a website, a blog and social medias, this will facilitate the communication peer-to-peer among young people. Website and social medias will also be used to disseminate the projects’ results and promote the calls for applications to participate in the project.Particular attention will be paid to train teachers in schools on how to implement mobility projects and apply ECVET. Two training sessions, specifically targeted to them, will be arranged throughout the project. Besides, accompanying persons will be the teachers, who will have the opportunity to verify the quality of placements in person, and get to know the European partners. This will facilitate the recognition of competences through ECVET and will set the basis for future collaborations in follow-up projects.VALIDATION AND RECOGNITION SKILLSBack to Italy, a follow-up phase will be organized to capitalize the mobility experience thus allowing participants to take full advantage of the internship abroad. Furthermore, the competences acquired by the participants will be recognized thanks to Europass tools and ECVET. The internship abroad will be recognized as the regular curricular internship foreseen in Italy. Participants will receive the Europass Certificate Supplement together with the qualification in order to give them more opportunities to find a job in the European market. Love4Tourism will also test the use of Learning Badges, an innovative tool for the recognition of competences acquired through non-formal and informal education, which is being developed in the Erasmus+ KA2 project "European Badges Alliace" coordinated by Uniser .IMPACTIn addition to improving the employability of 100 students, Love 4Tourism will have an impact on the educational system, because it will allow the participation in Erasmus+ of schools that otherwise would not be able alone. One of the expected results is to establish a “mobility coordinator” in each school, who might be a contact person for students and colleagues interested in mobility.The project will also establish a long-term collaboration between the consortium members and foreign partners, and at the same time, attract the interest of the institutions and business actors, the only real way to make mobility for students sustainable.



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