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Lost in Transition: Rigths and Privileges for Minority Youth
Date du début: 1 août 2010,

Training course titled "Lost in transition: rights and privileges for minority youth" will join together 30 youth workers coming from minority communities. Project aims at providing youth workers with the opportunity to meet and exchange their own realities related to minority issues, especially on the problems that young people are facing due to their etnicity, gender, religion, language, and foster them to be engaged in development of effective educational activities with/for young people in the topic of minority rights and integration.We think that it is very important that young people from minorities get involved in integration processes and youth organizations / youth workers can play a fundamental role in it, to push them to understand the role they should play as active citizens for their communities.The participants will be familiarised with different manuals on minorities education and discuss how to best use it and adapt it to their local contexts and realities; This course will prepare young people to plan and run youth activities on Education regarding minorities especially in the frame of the YOUTH in Action programme. The project is also directed to establish a bridge between our organization and the European network of trainers, multipliers and youth organizations active in promoting this issues especially.The participating countries include 6 EU, Turkey and 8 neighbouring partner countries to diversify the background of the youth leaders participating.The venue is set to Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, for its special status and ethnic composition.The training course will follow the "non formal education approach". A combination of different creative and interactive methods will be used according to the profile of the participants.



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