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Los otros: cómo preparar a los jóvenes para lidiar son sus propios estereotipos
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The seminar "The other: how to prepare young people to handle their own stereotypes are" to be held from October 30 to November 6, 2016 in Madrid organized by SCI Madrid and Pool of Trainers will have partners organizations from 12 different countries: Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, Greece, Sweden, Austria, Hungary and Spain.Service Civil International (SCI) is an international organization with a project to promote multiculturalism and understanding between peoples is channeled through the participation and involvement of international volunteers in local projects around the world which we call fields volunteering.The preparation of volunteers is one of the issues from SCI we take more seriously and one of the main keys to the high degree of satisfaction of volunteers. Every year around 350 volunteers from Northern countries join projects being developed in the Global South.These exchanges are evaluated for decades in an annual meeting that has reached a consensus on the need for a common strategy to prepare volunteers for their experiences in the Global South as far as performed by each organization independently.In the month of November 2015 a seminar was held in Vienna Imagining the "Global South: The power behind good intentions", which was attended by youth leaders and members of 12 European organizations involved in volunteer exchange with countries of the global South with the aim of pooling strategies and training of volunteers exercise applying this knowledge throughout formations conducted in over 2016 participating organizations in the respective multiplier effect. Two active members of SCI Madrid attended this seminar which has resulted in a full tool for reflection and non-formal education methods manual that has already begun to exercise their leverage in the first meetings of the formations responsible for volunteers.SCI Madrid want to host this seminar in order to go further, we want to further deepen and open a new debate about the importance of a comprehensive training that not only aimed at the preparation for the implementation of a field volunteer South but to become true agents of change in their cities with tools to combat prejudices and stereotypes that so often fed racism and xenophobia.SCI Madrid wants to host this motivated by the interest of our young activists and volunteers who have expressed the desire to acquire skills, knowledge and tools on how to tackle stereotypes and they observe in their own cities being able to argue constructively seminar available tools to be used during the discussions and informal education tools that can be used on the occasion of workshops in schools, universities, local communities, etc.Participants are primarily volunteers, activists and staff involved in the selection and preparation of volunteers and work with local youth in their region.Both SCI and its partners in this project we firmly believe in the non-formal education and therefore the seminar will be conducted in accordance with the principles of this methodology. Using its variety and possibilities the seminar will feature a varied program which will be used, among others: games, interactive presentations, group discussions and plenary, café world, role play, expression through art ( drawing, collage, theater, etc.), silent discussion, exchange of ideas, the visual harvest, barometer, video messages, self-reflection, public debate in the form of a talk show, and open spaces. In addition to these methods provided see new contributions in the sessions by the participants themselves.The objectives that meet the project are:- Reflect on stereotypes in the exchange of volunteers- Discuss the concept of otherness, about stereotypes, exoticism and racism and its effects on international volunteer exchanges and everyday life in our cities / countries- Promoting non-formal education methodologies to facilitate reflection of stereotypes / otherness and awareness,- Evaluate a training manual used by the SCI and NGO network similar to previous training for volunteers- Extend hand tools including local action- Improve the intercultural learning of volunteers and activists- Create a strong network of empowered workers and volunteers to multiply the knowledge of otherness.- Strengthen international cooperation- Raising awareness of the potential of education



12 Participants partenaires