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Date du début: 1 mars 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

THE COORDINATOR: TANDEM, n.o. founded in 2009 is a training and development organization, which through its work with individuals, communities and organizations aims to strengthen their self-esteem and sense of responsibility. The main objectives of the organisation can be put into three very distinctive groups: The first area is personality development. A very good example of such a program is The Gombaszög summer camp´s program, where we offer presentations by well-known presenters, small group activities, outdoor activities, labyrinth meditation, individual counselling and psychodrama workshops. The second area is organization and community development. A good example of such activities is our long cooperation with Diákhálózat (Student network), where the main aim of our cooperation is developing in the following topics: leadership coaching, strategic planning, project management, future planning and team building. The third area is career guidance and counselling. In this area we offer individual counselling, group activities and future planning trainings for high school students, career planning seminar for university students. One of our innovative programmes in this area is our whole day festival-like career guidance program, called Mesterségem CíMERRE. This program won the award for the best service in the area of career guidance competition „National price for career guidance 2013“ which is organised by Euroguidance Slovakia. Members of the organisation Tandem n.o. presented the programme also in Prague and on international conference in Zagreb.The objectives of the project are:* Contributing to the learning experience of young people through direct participation in various youth-related programmes in this part of Europe, with different levels of involvement from the side of volunteers.* Giving the opportunity for young people for understanding the special situations and relations within a multicultural community through the interaction of the Slovak majority and the Hungarian minority from Komárno. This understanding leads to a better knowledge and awareness related to also the European multicultural context and multicultural challenges.*Promoting volunteering, the European Voluntary Service, Youthpass and the local and national initiatives of the recognition of volunteering as working experience.* We would like to provide opportunities especially those who live in similar minority community us: young people who take the responsibility and want to work on the field of youth.HOW WE WILL WORK: We will involve our volunteers in the above mentioned activities based on their interest in each of the activities. At the beginning of their volunteer period an individual learning plan will be set, where each of the voluteers can chose their own project elements according to their development goals. Of course, in all activities, volunteers will be permanently assisted by senior members and collaborators of our organization. Our volunteers will have the opportunity to interact with a wide range of persons and organizations from our region. Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to gain skills and competences in seven key categories defined by Youthpass.THE EXPERIENCE: Participants will get a once in a lifetime experience in taking part for half a year in an organization’s activities that was awarded the “National price for career guidance 2013” and it also involves a learning process in a professional environment where there is a permanent access to increased project, event and communication management challenges. The knowledge theory and the practical experience gained by volunteers will be an important component of their resume in the own career building process. The coordinating and hosting organization will get a fresh youth vibration for its own activities and surroundings that will enable a better communication with partners, target groups. This EVS project will also enable a learning process of the organization itself about how to encourage volunteering through own projects. Partner organizations will get a new reliable partner from Slovakia.IMPACTBRINGING HOME EVS: although Slovakia is already in its 11th year of membership in the European Union, it still lacks a massive involvement in European networks. TANDEM wants to make EVS more familiar within the youth sector from our city in order to facilitate the access of European volunteers to Komárno and its close region. Our project will be an instrument for promoting this European volunteering mechanism.EUROPEAN INTEGRATION: through this project we will also contribute to the European integration processes of Slovakia and Komárno. Through the dissemination of this project we want to encourage European organizations too to get in contact with Komárno and with other organizations from our region who already have accreditation for hosting and sending volunteers.



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