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Looking 4 Learning
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Merlin is a starting IPC school that focuses on the learning of the students. We do that by using Assessment for Learning (A4L) en Looking for Learning (L4L). These are two tools developed by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). This schoolyear (2014-2015) these tools have been implemented and this project is now in its beginning stage. To develop this further it is important that the team has a good idea of how the tools can be used in the daily practice. The International School (ISL) of Surrey is a school that uses A4L and L4L in an excellent way in their teaching. Two staffmember of Merlijn have already had a chance to experience this at ISL in the past. The next step would be that two other member will get the chance to visit ISL Surrey and job shadow other teachers of that school for two days. This way, they will get a good picture of how A4L and L4L are put into practice. The two teammembers are selected because they use IPC (and English) on a daily basis. The reason why we chose ISL Surrey is because they offer IPC in English and they have a lot of students who are second language learners of English. At Merlijn this is also the case. The teacher who teach IPC also have the need to develop their English school vocabulary. During their visit they will be immersed in English and they will expand their vocuabulary. After the visit the participants will share their experiences with the other team members. In that meeting a new plan will be developed with the whole team to further implement A4L and L4L at Merlijn. In the long run the school will profit from the visit, because the whole team will then have a good idea of how these tools can be used in schools. The students profit, because there will be a greater focus on learning and this will affect their results.



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