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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 30 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Look them from a different perspective " is a project about discrimination, prejudice and intolerance. Its aims are to support youth organizations and professionals working in areas in which the phenomena of intolerance and discrimination are on the rise or just with young people who are the first victims of these phenomena to improve their skills in a general framework for the promotion fundamental European values of respect for human rights, democracy, inclusion, peace and social cohesion. Objectives of the project are: Support development of youth workers in situations dealing with intolerance and discrimination; Create a balanced network of European co-operation for the promotion of activities of non-formal education - for and with young people - at local and international level, transforming cases of intolerance and discrimination towards opportunities of active citizenship, social change , personal growth and greater participation of young people; Learn more about the work done by youth workers Develop communication strategies more effective to give visibility to the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + Create interest in policy-makers and local stakeholders to start strategic partnership under Erasmus + KAct.2; Create new forms of cooperation at the local level with schools which offer a package of non-formal activities on the topics covered by the project to be implemented in the extracurricular activities of students, The project is structured in different activities that will take place in Italy and in each of partners countries: a preliminary study visit ,a training course , a short training course in each of the partner countries, a follow-up seminar in Italy. Activities of the project are based on a mix of non formal education and interactive methods . Partners of the project are 8 NGOs from Italy, Romania, Portugal, Latvia, Spain , Hungary, Poland and Greece working with or targeting youth in discrimination, prejudice and intolerance situations.



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