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Loesje International - because ideas don't have borders
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Loesje International - because ideas don't have borders" will include one EVS activity, sending one volunteer from Poland to Germany. He is an active member of civil society, taking part and organizing activities in his local community. His values align well with many of Loesje principles, which include also freedom of speech, tolerance and involvement. This was one of the most important criteria in selection process of this volunteer.AIM: Providing individuals with a unique and life changing international experience, this way also influencing local communities both in sending and receiving countries.OBJECTIVES: - Sending one volunteer (Pawel Matusz ) for a volunteering placement in a foreign institution for a lengthy period of time, ensuring his personal development, highly beneficial for his personal as well as professional life- Raising awareness of cultures and languages within Europe and it's partner countries- Influencing local communities and organizations by positive examples to positive changes in attitudes and habits, fostering creation of new approaches and ideasACTIVITIES: The volunteer will be involved in supporting the daily work of the organization and work online. In Berlin the volunteer will get closer acquainted with the Loesje methods and take part not only in daily organizational work (social media, project management, arranging logistics for workshops and other activities), but also help during the projects and activities in cooperation with other initiatives/NGOs. METHODOLOGY: These will be an EVS project, therefore the methodology will range from particular lessons (language, culture), mentorship (professional and emotional level), as well as learning by doing daily work in organizations, etc. The volunteer in Berlin will work with project management and the Loesje methods of creative text writing, final editing and graphical design, as well as ICT and other non-formal educational methods, among others. RESULTS AND IMPACT: The impact of individuals is expected to be very obvious - starting from change of their attitudes and behaviours, to development of their soft, language and task-related skills. Additionally the EVS experience is aimed to be a great way to empower young people and give them additional level of self-awareness, cultural and social awareness. Which is even more important, the aspects mentioned beforehand will strongly contribute to the employability and contact field of the ones participating in this project. For wider audiences this project will visualize the possibilities offered by European programs, as well as daily work and meetings with locals might impact their way of seeing things and therefore further contribute to an open and positive intercultural communication (locally and internationally), development and exchange of experiences in local communities.



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