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LOCIS European Artists in Residence Programme
Date du début: 1 mai 2013,

LOCIS is an Artist-in-Residence Programme involving a rural local authority (IE), an arts centre in a large provincial town (PO) and an arts organization in a suburb of a capital city (SE).LOCIS provides artists with knowledge, resources and opportunities to broaden their practice and operate across borders. LOCIS encourages that high quality arts projects should, and can, be based anywhere, and that networking across borders can occur from anywhere in Europe. LOCIS also recognizes that projects which collaborate with the wider community provide innovative methods to integrate the thinking of artists from different countries into society and bring a greater appreciation of European artists to the general public.In both 2013 and 2014, Ireland, Poland and Sweden send one of their leading national artists to one of the other two countries to work with a group of 4 emerging artists (or established artists yet to develop an international practice). Each group consists of 2 artists from that country and 1 from each of the other 2. We call these groups ‘Location Artists’ as their main characteristic is the location where the residency is held. Each group discuss their different interests. The lead artist shares his/her approach to art, methodologies and motivations. They develop a work programme which relates to their interests and to the wider community. Each group operate with sufficient autonomy to follow the most appropriate direction for them, and for the type of interaction they have with the community.Each group meet for 3 periods of 1 week over 6 months. There is ongoing contact through to devise work and provide updates for themselves, the other groups, the wider arts community and the general public. After 6 months, an exhibition and seminar is held in all 3 locations attended by all participants. In 2014, the order is reversed so that at the end of 2 years, each country has sent and received a lead artist to each of the other 2.



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