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Localement International ! Blois dans l'Europe et l'Europe à Blous
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

First of all, this hosting project is the evolution of the first EVS hosting project which we are developping since we prepare our manifestation of interest in 2011. Since august 2015 we are lucky to welcome Joanna a young volunteer from Serbia, on a very similar mission to the one described here. The dynamic and impact of Joanna's presence on our territory is just incredible. The interest that this first project has aroused amongst our publics, the awakennig of the consciousness that international projects and international mobility are within easy reach are the main reasons why we want to carry on and make this project evolve. New needs have come to surface ! This project's primary objective being that young people from blois can live in a conscious process intercultural' and international mobility's experiences. This process takes part in a succession of efforts that the City carried out in close partnership with local actors (associations, high schools, universities...) which all aim at highlighting and promoting international mobility programs. Through them, the focus is also put on all personnal and collective development and flourishing stakes that they induce. These efforts also aim at being proactive versus our target groups, and put, as a mid/long term objective, the creation of an unique and well identified platform, which will actually synchronized them. The Volunteer mission will be to inform and make young people from Blois sensitive to European citizenship and European mobility. Taking into account Youth Initiatives team’s missions, and its implication within the local European mobility platform/network (still unformal), the Volounteer’s action will be principaly focused on adding value to European citizenship and the promotion of the European mobility, no matter which form it takes. He or she will will take action within various youth life places in Blois (schools, municipal equipments, associations...), but also within the Youth Information network of Blois urban area, and will consist in leading interventions on Europe, in straight collaboration with the Youth Initiatives team, but also with our key partners on the subject, the BIJ and the Mission Locale professional teams. He or she willl meet very different target groups, most principaly young people visiting the City of Blois youth centers or our INformation and guidance centers, secondary, high-school and university students and young workers, and he or she will introduce them to Europe, European institutions, and most of all, to the interest and to how operate Eurpean Mobility Programs for the Youth. As a European Volounteer, he or she will be a living witness of what European mobility is. He or she will help information and projects’ support’s professionals to explain why European mobility experiences are interesting and how they contribute to building up Euopean citizenship and also to personnal development. He or she will also be present to help young pepole from Blois to understand that these experiences are doable, and that they can be accompanied in their projects by several partenrs within the Blois, but also at regional and national levels. The Volunteer will be also given the opportunity to accompany him(her)self young people international projects. The Volunteer will use existing tools to inform and awake the public awareness on these subjects, but he or she will also have the opportunity to design his or her own tools and to plan his or her own actions to get in touch with our city’s young inhabitants, as per the City of Blois Educational Project’s objectives, and also of course according to his or her own sensivity. The City of Blois will offer the Volunteer to participate to trainings intended to professional youth workers, may they be organized internally or with external trainers. In order to permit his or her progressive integration, and to encourage his or her understanding of the Youth Initiatives’ action and partnerships’ network, the Volunteer will have an observation phase of all the daily activities related to welcoming young people, supporting projects, informing publics, and taking participation to different workshops and events in Blois. The volunteer will be included within La Fabrique network, and then indirectly within the whole network of the City of Blois. Many various local, regional, national and international actors make up this network. Just to give a rough idea : EVS sending organisation, Youth Information Network, twinning associations, « Mission Locale » (in charge of youth integration in the world of work), culutral associations and institutions, concerts' venues, schools, cooperative societies, students' associations …. Our objective is to spread the project's educative concept so we can allow new project's leaders to use it, in new contexts – this can be done in the form of presentations, professional meetings, video reporting, radio shows, podcasts ….



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