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Local in Global 2016
Date du début: 1 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

LOCAL IN GLOBAL is an international project on Education for Sustainable Development. As a mulit-part exchange and training project it addresses 30 multipliers and 60 youngsters from Armenia, Bulgaria, Germany, Moldova (Republic), Poland and Ukraine, who are motivated to enhance their contentual, methodological and cross-cultural skills. The project seizes the social and political relevance of Education for Sustainable Development and addresses the extent and importance of future changes in the sphere of society, economics and ecology. The aim of the project is to increase the understanding for complexes of problems in the area of sustainable development among the participants and to develop effective approaches and diverse opportunities for actions related to sustainability-topics. Through positive experiences, such as empowerment and best-practise examples we wish to strengthen the motivation of the participants to actively engage in civil society. The core component of the training and the youth meeting is the simulation game Krapowa, at which the participants assume various roles in the political and civil society scene of a small rural town in east-central Europe, in order to develop effective strategies against complex problem situations which have reciprocal aggravating impact such as deindustrialisation, migration, ageing population increase, environmental issues as well as defects in infrastructure. By creating a protected learning space participants experience challenges of sustainable development, dynamics of decision making processes and possibilities of participation. After the simulation game experiences and perceptions are discussed in relation to real life contexts. During the training the method of simulation games is discussed regarding its mulitplicity and applicability with different target groups and methods and content of the training are relfected in terms of the local contexts of the multipliers. In the long run, we hope for a multiplier effect, such that the contents and methods from the training are disseminated to as many other target groups as possible. Concerning the participants, we expect that they gain a deeper understanding of the complex issue of sustainabilty, increase their employability and responsiveness through additional practical skills, and strengthen their awareness regarding social and global issues. On a long term basis, we strive for a specific positive impuls on sustainable development and the acting of civil society actors in structurally weak rural areas, as well as beyond the local contextes of the participants the interconnection and networking of regional actors, organisations from neighbouring countries, right up to international cooperating networks with the aim to spread concepts of Education for Sustainable Development and a sustainable development which is fit for the future beyond national borders.



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