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Living & virtual visiting European World Heritage
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2020 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

World Heritage sites have an outstanding and exceptional significance. Living and virtual visiting European World Heritage sites will allow discovering the ‘spirit of place’ and the remarkable vernacular heritage of Europe. It is a unique chance to experience the world heritage special character, allowing traveling to these sites’ intrinsic spatiality and architectural quality, daily experienced by their inhabitants. This is feasible by exploring WH sites in distinctive dimensions: to contribute to the quality of living on these sites; to seize the cultural space of today’s architecture and its historical evolution; to immerse in new realities for non-traveller audiences; to develop the creative potential associated with these sites’ immaterial culture and their vernacular expression; to digitally share past and present constructions of inhabited dwellings in EWH. The project will focus on the vernacular dwellings located across Europe, by exploring the architectural dimension of the buildings’ maintenance, aiming at the awareness of the site’s authenticity preservation. It will contribute to the interpretation of the local building culture historical evolution, recreated through 3D visualization and augmented reality; a powerful didactic tool to learn and value the relevance of vernacular buildings, and to enhance in-use immaterial culture regarding buildings’ architectural techniques and materials. The project also aims to attract new audiences to these sites, through the use of Mobile Apps in situ. The opportunity to visit other dimensions, through 3D modeling of WH sites will also be given to non-traveler audiences. This digital interactive communication tools will be available on a digital platform, on local tourist offices and on site interpretation centers to disseminate tangible and intangible knowledge. This technological way of reaching new audiences will be a distinctiveness factor of EWH Sites, contributing to European identity and diversity.



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