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LIVING LIBRARY - a tool for inclusion
Date du début: 15 juin 2015, Date de fin: 14 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Living Library - A Tool for Inclusion" is a Training Course which aim is combat discrimination and contribute to create a more inclusive society where diversity is seen as a richness and where equality in human rights and dignity of minorities is a reality, by means of empowering youth NGOs to take action through Living Library tool. Non-formal learning tools like name games, team-building games, workshops, presentations, debates, cooperative learning method and peer learning, will be used to prepare the participants to use Living Library ( to gain competences to prepare, implement and evaluate a Living Library event) and to strengh the awareness about discrimination and prejudices. With this TC we want to achieve some results in the level of mobility of youth workers and youth leaders and in the reinforce of recognition of the non formal education in the formation of the person. We also want to reflect about what is social inclusion and equity in the youth field. This Training Course also has, as an objective, create a network of organizations actively engaged in Living Library activities. We expect a big impact in the participants, because of the development of competencies in the personal and social field. The most important impact is the creation of a group of organisations using a very useful tool - Living Libraries- to deal with social exclusion and prejudices. During 9 days, from 12 to 20 of September, 32 youth workers, project coordinators, teachers, representatives of public entities and volunteers, coming from Portugal, Italy,U.K., Greece, Austria, Hungary, Estonia and Croatia , will be in Portalegre, Alentejo, Portugal.



10 Participants partenaires