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"Living in diversity”
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Living in Diversity" is a European Voluntary Service project that aims to qualitatively increase the quality of life of different groups through voluntary action.The project combines actions in three different groups that, for the social difficulties that go around them, are at risk of social exclusion who are working directly for their inclusion. In each of the groups work together and live 2 volunteers:1. Foundation Bethesda: Adults with different types of intellectual disability and / or physical.They host 2 volunteers for 7 months in the activities carried out within the Foundation.2. Basida (Aranjuez, Manzanares and Navahondilla) People with HIV / AIDS, which in many cases, in addition to their own problems from past unhealthy habits (drug, alcohol, etc.) Other difficulties stick derived from the process of the disease, physical and mental disabilities.2 volunteers each (total 6 volunteers) will be host for a period of 7 months.Through this project is intended to meet several of the objectives set in the Europe 2020 Strategy and collecting Erasmus + program. Through voluntary action and the positive impact of the project are to achieve bi-directional targets, ie, all targets are achieved for volunteers in their learning process will contribute to concrete actions for the groups are developed with working in the areas of education and fight against poverty and social exclusion.The methodology to be used will be based on learning processes through non-formal education.The entire project will have an impact locally (from narrow circles of each volunteer / entity) at a global level (international level and also favored through the virtual world)



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