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Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Living Anversa: volunteering for all" is one long-lasting EVS project (16 months), with short slots of volunteers coming and going. (7 months each in first round- 6 months each in second round).The number of volunteers is: eight and number of Countries involved is four (Bulgary, Germany, Spain and Slovakia).The context in which we work is that of the Regional Reserve and WWF Oasis Gole of Sagittario in the town of Anversa degli Abruzzi, in L’Aquila province. The Reserve, only 450 hectares is a real treasure of nature in just over an hour from Rome, and is an SIC of Comunitary Importance. It 'an open-air laboratory, a place of exploration and scientific research, which gives volunteers the opportunity to meet researchers and professionals working in the field of nature and environmental education, but also the many volunteers in the environmental field. The community of Anversa has about 400 inhabitants, of which about 80 are foreign. Fourteen different nationalities of people from most parts of the world, are in place for several years and have formed an association "Alba", in which volunteers can help. The village has many prerogatives: together with Castrovalva has one Literary Park dedicated to the writer Gabriele D'Annunzio who written "La Fiaccola sotto il Moggio" tragedy, is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is been “Addormentati Accademy” in 1500, a particular group of artists and writers from all over Italy. In this context, the project "Living Anversa Volunteering for All" aims to strengthen the active participation of citizens in the municipality and the Reserve, to facilitate the social integration of disadvantaged groups or "new" to society as migrants , to consolidate technical environmental education targeted at children and adults, and to the study of environmental systems and techniques of planning. Innovative character of the project will be: a direct contact between volunteers and foreigners living in the Sagittario Valley, made through the creation of Voluntary Groups that can be integration and social participation for foreigners and especially - the novelty - for migrants they're coming to populate the area. Volunteers, whose presence is well-established and accepted, should develop dialogue, cooperation between the social partners, aimed at the integration of migrants into the host society. Volunteers will be 8 and will come in two distinct groups: 4 volunteers will be hosted for seven months from March to September, and four volunteers will be hosted for six months from September to March. We want this project to improve the experience and the quality of our Sve, with the realities of northern Europe such as Germany, that come into the network with reality Latin like Spain and Eastern Europe such as Bulgaria and Slovakia, that are completely different. Volunteers will be involved in social activities and natural as monitoring of mammals and birds, control and surveillance trails, support in welcoming visitors, foreigners and tourists, questionnaires, organization of activities such as lectures, sessions of nature photography, small workshops , banquets and seminars, also with a host of disadvantaged groups. Volunteers will support the cataloging of the books of the municipal library, in the activation of voluntary groups, organizing meetings, activities for the integration of foreigners and migrants, protagonists of two environmental campaigns: awareness campaign for waste, a protection of the Brown Marsican Bear fielding specific actions, such as mapping of vegetable gardens and chicken coops. Volunteers will also be involved in the first person in the care of public parks. They will be the protagonists of ideas in a contest that rewards the most beautiful flowering balconies, but also a photo contest for boys and Adopt a flower bed. The methodology adopted is that of learning by doing, learning by doing, by offering activities that do not require special preparation, but at the same time offer great skills to be developed for volunteers.We expect the effects of past impacts in other projects: the positive and immediate and visible impact of active citizenship and local commitment and staff in favor of the community. Thanks to the volunteers, the population will be closer to the initiatives of the Reserve, will raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection, but also at the same time appreciate life more of the place, and the value of living in a place where it is hoped that the true values never die. The local population, thanks to the presence of the volunteers and of the activities proposed, will have the opportunity to reflect on the possibility of local development that the choice of a vocation to responsible tourism can have on the territory. The leaders of Anversa are expanding facilities for the volunteers, are increased requests for internships, volunteer also Italian, of tourists and researchers who contact the Reserve.



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