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Live and Learn in London (Lernende) and Malta (Bildungspersonal)
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Mobilität der Lernenden: The project "Live and Learn in London" is targeted at students enrolled in initial vocational training (IVT). The participants will be students from different areas of business and administration who attend our school (Oberstufenzentrum II Potsdam) as part of their dual education programme. During the project the participants will be sent to London in early spring 2016 to take part in a three-week mobility programme. The programme consists of a combined language and content course at the ADC College during the first week followed by a two-week work placement with local companies and organisations in the Greater London area. The project aims at improving the students' foreign language skills and developing their professional skills by exposing them to a wide range of communicative situations in everyday life and business. During their work placement the students will be given the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of company life and culture in Britain and compare this with the conditions at home in Germany. This will help to enhance the students' intercultural competence and foster their cross-cultural communication skills which may also contribute to an increased willingness to accept mobility in their future professional and private lives. In this way, our school accounts for the process of internationalisation of vocational education and training in Europe. Taking part in this project will give students the opportunity to acquire additional skills and knowledge strongly required in today's globalised labour market. After completion of their initial vocational training students will be expected to maintain a high degree of professional competence and any additonal certified skills such as the particpation in our project will significantly improve their employability. Mobilität des Bildungspersonals: The Project "Live and Learn in Malta" with the focus on "Intercultural and Communicational Skills" is targeted at staff working in vocational education. One participating member of staff teaches Management Assistants in International Business and is responsible for designing and developing the curriculum for this newly created additional qualification at our school. The other member of staff teaches German and English and has sucessfully been managing the above mentioned projet "Live and and learn in London" for several years. Both will attend the course offered by the Executive Training Institute in Malta at the end of June in 2015. It is designed as a seminar containing theoretical input and practical exercises. Apart from improving their language skills both teachers will develop their professionell skills. In a very condensed form and in exchange with other international participants and lecturers our two representatives will actively work on the topic and enhance their knowledge concerning cross-cultural communication, problems related and how to pass this on to their students. This way they set a further example for our institution how to develop job mobilty and promote the engangement with European and international topics. Both projects create synergy effects and contribute to a further professionalisation of our organisation.



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