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Listen Stories engaged in the Past - the Second World War
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

By developing the project “Listen Stories engaged in the Past – WW II” we aim at approaching a more complex topic, and yet extremely rich in meaning – the Second World War and its consequences, a major event that influenced the history and configuration of Europe. The partnership aims at uniting the strength of five European schools from the same number of respective states, bringing forth their own past and their own gathered experience during WW II, thus helping the young to tightly connect with history and its deeper meanings by using an open, correct and balanced approach. The objectives of our project (developing active citizenship, basic and transversal skills, promoting innovative methods in education, developing international partnerships) result from the needs identified in the five partner institution. Thus, the theme of our project offers the students and teachers directly involved and the communities of the partner schools valuable support in developing observable relevant competences such as: communicating in English, IT skills or development of international partnership, but also civic competences. Ensuring the equality of chances and eliminating any type of discrimination will be aimed at through the development of teamwork skills at a national and international level. All the above will contribute to developing active citizenship among young people. The target group will be formed of high-school students (15-18) and teachers of different specialization (History, Social studies, Religion, Literature, etc.). In order to counter-balance the difficulties raised by the complexity of the topic we propose a different approach through non-formal educational activities, such as the Living Library and the Forum Theatre, in which over 100 students and 10 teachers from each partner institution will be involved. In the case of the Living Library method innovatively adapted to our project, the students will discuss with survivors of WW II or witnesses of its effects and they will function as resource people (Living Books) for their classmates who may wish to find out more about the WW II realities and the impact on people. The Forum Theatre, in which students from the 5 partner schools will be directly involved after research (books, films, interviews, study visits, etc.), consists in dramatizing different relevant situations and then participating to the debate of the matters in question. Another activity is the founding and functioning of the Club for Peace and Conflict Mediation in each of the partner school, aiming to reduce violence and discrimination in schools and in the community, thus promoting and developing competences such as: tolerance, multiculturalism, openness towards understanding others and towards ethnical religious social diversity, etc. The teachers will devise and hold two open lessons with interdisciplinary approaches to WW II. We estimate numerous results with relevant benefits for students, teachers and their respective communities and, in this context, the 3 Intellectual Outputs („Listen Past – True Stories from WW II” Book, Methodological Brochure – „Non-formal activities in Education with applications on WW II”, “WW II – Educational Resources” platform) will contribute to their maximisation. Through direct involvement in the project activities, the students and teachers will improve specific competences regarding the topics at hand during the activities and will reflect upon the way in which a major conflict can affect the lives of all those involved and the evolution of the society they are party of. At the level of the whole partnership there will be a good practice transfer, including between the management teams of the project, a transfer which would create the premises for successful and long term partnership in the future. The creation of a tradition in developing project activities will widen the impact, involving hundreds of students in each partner school from the first stage alone, and then, indirectly, the entire community which they are part of. The gained experience will be shared with other students, teachers, parents, representatives of the local communities, in order to improve the school’s image and its relationship with relevant stakeholders. We strongly believe that through the obtained results within the project we shall support students in becoming global learners on the long term, endowed with: ways of thinking (creativity and innovation, critical thinking, learning skills), ways of working (communication and collaboration), tools for working (information literacy, media literacy, ICT literacy), skills for living properly in the world (citizenship, personal and social responsibility). Furthermore, the impact upon the teachers is also highly important, as they will be sustained in becoming creative professionals, demonstrating academic performance and development of attributes (confidence, responsibility, reflectivity, innovation and engagement).



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