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ling Energy ACtion plans and Enhancing their implementation in the Alps (PEACE_Alps)
Date du début: 16 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 15 déc. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description (EN): PEACE-ALPS tackles the problems related to the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) or any other Energy concepts already endorsed by Local Authorities (LAs) in Alpine Space Area (ASA) by supporting LAs, about 100, in developing concrete actions with an inter-municipal approach. This is the core aim of the project and the way for reaching main objective: establishing low carbon and adaptation to climate change (CC) policy instruments. The project proceeds by identifying local need using a bottom up approach, pooling them to create scale economies and then providing centralized solutions at regional level. The project, designed to give continuity to the results obtained with SEAP_Alps, assumes that actions must be kept at a local level, but the process should be eased and innovated by gathering same needs and setting up centralized solutions exploiting the plus offered by a transnational approach. The addressed topics will be: 1) Energy management,2) Energy refurbishment of buildings and public light,3) Local adaptation to CC. These services will be set up and tested with a transnational mutual learning process among PP and involved LAs. In order to ensure durability to the outputs, a multi-level cooperation on a long term perspective will be put in place. The outputs and experience gained will be spread out in the ASA with an effective engagement campaign of new regions interested in developing the same approach and with policy recommendation at EU level. Expected Results (EN): Level of Implementation of low carbon policy instruments Expected Outputs (EN): The main projects result is the implementation of local actions establishing centralized low carbon policy instruments. In programme area, the project will thus provide the following changes: LAs better awareness and understanding of climate change problems and solutions; new investments for sustainable energy; public expenditures reduction; capacity building of territorial coordinators in supporting LAs improved and their transnational cooperation networks boosted and enlarged.



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