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Liikunnan merkitys eurooppalaisten nuorten henkisessä ja fyysisessä jaksamisessa/The Importance of Physical Activity to the Mental and Physical Health of European Youth
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The educational department of Pielavesi in co-operation with Pielaveden Wanderers arranged a multilateral, 8-day youth exchange in Pielavesi, Finland, from 20th to 27th of May 2015. Partner organisations were Ungdomsgård Ekhamra from Sweden and Europahaus Aurich as a sending organisation for Rhauderfehn-Gymnasium from Germany. 30 youngsters (FI 16, SE 5, DE 9) aged 16-19 years old, and 5 leaders (FI 2, SE 1, DE 2) attended the youth exchange. In addition to that there were also 11 Finnish youngsters involved with the program as leaders and organizators and Merja Tissari as a main leader but especially as a supporter to the Finnish youngsters. The YM was due to network which is working together since 2011. The co-operation had its first youth meeting in 2012 in Germany, then in 2013 in Sweden and in 2014 in Germany. In the youth meeting in 2014 the participants already discussed about the futureplans with this network and the topics they were concerned about. The issues like the meaning of physical activity to the everyday mental and physical health and the concern on increasing overweight among the european youths were mostly mentioned. How to prevent lifestyle which leads to an adverse direction and how to make young people find approachable resources to a lifestyle that leads to long-term and lifelong activity were our aim with the topic "The Importance of Physical Activity to the Mental and Physical Health of European Youth". A central goal of the new prospective project was to work with the theme on through different workshops, games and through playing and presentations. The main idea in the YM was also to take part in the local everyday youthlive which also was very successful. The obvious goal is that the participants of the youth week will perceive the experiences that they have had as valuable as to share them forward at least on the local level. The Pielavesi Wanderers gather together as a part of the communal educational service, locally it is a large group of youngsters that have a strong interest in international activities and in the development of their local are into a more international direction. There were totally 29 youngsters from the Wanderers (47 students) focusing on this program with the headleader Merja Tissari's support. Out of them the ten most experienced ones worked as head organizers, program leaders and designers of the local activities and as contact persons.



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