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Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Between 20th and 30th Jully, 2015 our project "Lighthouse+" gathered 48 young people from Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and UK in Trofaiach, Austria. The meeting took place in Stockschloss, small castle known as a former school and nowadays meeting point of people who gather inspiration and share ideas and experience. Brought to this place by Art Mine, in that environment and multicultural community, the participants had a chance to experience a lot of unknown until then, learning about the cultures, the world, the team work, but most importantly for themselves during the creativity and intelligence workshops. During and after the 11 days there were more young people motivated and inspired to seek for opportunities in their lives, both educational and employability related, but now tollerant and more aware of the importance and the presence of the other cultures, and knowing themselves and their capabilities much better. The group of 36 participants and 12 leaders worked together for 11 days in Stockschloss and explored topics and experienced workshops they never had a chance to experience before. Some of them ended up discovering they are artistically inclined, others found the break-dance very attractive and not as hard to as it was for the others, and some could write a lot during the creative writing workshops. Other appeared to have very good problem-solving skills and were leaders in the teambuilding activities, and they all enjoyed the dancing in a group to a random song and the theathre performance a group of leaders and participants did at the end, showing the rest how they experienced each of the countries. A little group started doing yoga after they practiced with the leader from Bulgaria. All of them that showed interest in certain workshops had a chance to work on it with the leaders for 2 more days, and discover more. The presence of more leaders than usual appeared to be useful with the group of people at this age, and the non-formal educational methods also were really useful to attract the attention of the group and let the learning happen or the discussion develop.


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