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LIGHT13:Turn on the Light on Science (Light13)
Date du début: 1 mai 2013, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Light’13 is conceived as an event driving a cultural change about researchers for the benefit of research-end users. Light’13 will take place in Rome, the capital of the country, and in 1 additional location in the South of Italy, Naples. Light’13 will last from 5.p.m. on 27 September to 1.a.m on 28 September. Light is celebrating its 6th year of life. As in previous editions, we dedicate the RN to a specific theme. This year Light’13 is dedicated to: “What’s up with Science?” in order use news broadcasted by TV and media as a springboard for dialogue with the public and to improve the image of scientists. In order to ignite people’s curiosity towards scientists’ work, Light’13 will set-up a number of actions/events during the whole RN. The actions will be run in continuation in all the locations allowing visitors to freely pass from one area to the other without waiting for something to happen.The activities will be organised around 6 main areas:o Hands-on workshops with live demonstrations and hands-on experiments;o “Big ideas from young minds” area, where potential tomorrow's scientists will present their special achievements;o 4kids activities for children;o “Science Globe Theatre” where groups of artists/sportsmen that have at least one member of the performing team actively engaged with scientific research will be on stage during the whole RN;o Outside activities on sports and musico European Corner with information on Europe and gadgets.



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