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Light, Camera, (re)Action
Date du début: 18 mai 2016, Date de fin: 17 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Lights, Camera, (Re)Action!Youth and Community empowerment to counter discrimination and racism fomented by hate speech in (social) media and to promote active digital citizenship.Youth Exchange Project OutlineThe right of freedom of expression is very important but it is not an absolute right. It is limited by the respect of the rights and reputation of others. Sadly, almost every day we can find very effective examples of online hate speech. This has developed a real “advocacy of hatred” - mainly based on ethnic and religious discrimination - that has become a serious threat to the future of Europe and the EU. It has been proved that, far from repression, the most efficient reaction to hate speech is that coming from the users of the social media platforms who shun unacceptable messages and publicly ridicule their authors. A positive response by the community and the civil society raises awareness and counteracts the voices of hatred. Just like the immune response in a healthy organism counteracts the virus that infected it.This youth exchange will involve over 30 young people and youth leaders from 5 different partners and it will tackle the issue of hate speech in the social media and the media at large, young people will explore how they can actively counter any kind of discrimination and racism fomented by hate speech by contributing their positive values to the debate. Furthermore, they will understand how to use digital media to motivate their local communities and lobby their politicians in joining the fight against the voices of hatred. The age range of participants is 16 to 20; Partners are asked to identify and select 4 participants, form a gender balanced group and actively participate in the preparatory work, which includes meeting with the participants before the exchange; carry out some research; collect young people’s opinions and suggestions on the plan of activities and pass them on to the organizers; participate to an Advanced Planning Visit in Torino.The youth exchange is scheduled for the period 11 to 18 June 2016 in Torino, Italy. Travel days 10 and 19 June. The venue will be the fully equipped media center Laboratorio dell’Immagine in the Mirafiori area. During the exchange, the participants will be engaged in presentations of their preparatory work, participated discussions, role plays, media making workshops, socializing activities as well as reflection on what they have learned, recommendations for policy makers on countering online hate speech and planning the dissemination of the results in their communities. The dissemination and the multiplying events will take place over a period of several months after the exchange and will ensure that the impact of the project is far reaching both in the local communities and on line thorough the social media.



4 Participants partenaires