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Lifeline Water (Cansuyu)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Context / Background : To support fundraising ability of youth NGOs 1 -Fundraising Education Practicing what have learned 2 - Exchanging best practises and Practice Workshop : Each NGO do their own Fundraising Plan. NGOs actively participate in political area by visiting govermental organization and sign campaign 3 - Visiting govermental organizations, result advice of project and sign campaign In Turkey ; Yout NGOs have fundraising diffuculties. This facts has some impacts like they can not work on their objectives, preventing of strengthening civil society. There are some factors effecting Youth NGOs fundraising diffuculties. Political circumtances avoids strengthening civil society. The law called 2860 (organize fundraising rules for NGOs) can not be changed for the good of civil society. Tüsev struggled for it many years. .Giving consciousness can not improved in Turkish society. In World Giving Index reports Turkey stays around last places between 150 countries. Turkish society prefer to give indivuduals generally. It is only %11 giving to NGOs in total amount. According to Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu (TUIK) data, 66 of 74 NGOs who suffered from lack of funds delimited their activities. Added lack of knowledge of fundrising to all those negativeness it is really hard especially for youth NGOs. The case is worser in Anatolia. Overall Objective : To help strengthen NGOs by promoting Youth NGOs working on their fields Specific Objective : In 8 days in Istanbul; Supporting to increase 21 youth workers capacity of fundraising from youth NGOs to by teaching fundraising (basics, structure), making up donor strategies, innovative approaches in the world, exchange best practises. *** In a month, provide partner NGOs increasing their income by %10 with the help of project output Fundraising Plan *** In a month, provide 25.000 sign for the campaign Participant Profile : From Germany 3, Azerbaijan 6, East part of Turkey 6, Çankırı 3 and İstanbul 3 participant (totally 21) be in the project. 11 of them are women. * From each youth NGO 3 person who want to increase their capacity about fundraising (at least 1 women for each) * The ones who like multicultural work environment * The ones who appreciate differences * 18 + Actions : 1 -Fundraising Education : Basics and structure of fundraising and donor relations are the subjects of this education. There will be also workshops for let participants practice what they have learned. 2 - Exchanging best practises and Practice Workshop : Best practises of the world and Turkey will be discussed. Each NGO make their own Fundraising Plan during practice workshop 3 - Visiting govermental organizations, result advice of project and sign campaign : Tüsev and NGO related govermental organizations will be visited. A result advice prepared by participants and an internet sign campign will be started Methodology : Intercultural Communication) Brain Storming nteractive Workshop Team Work Outdoor Listening, Question and Answer, Debate Results and impacts : R1 - Participants, improved knowledge and skills about the subjects preparing donor strategy, basics and structure of fundraising, innovative practices R2 - Participants NGOs progressing in fundraising R3 - NGOs actively participate in political area by visiting govermental organization and sign campaign Impacts of those results I1 - More efficient working with increased capacity of participants I2 - Fund raising in participants NGOs by increased conscious about fundraising I3 - Raising awareness on each part of society, pressure on goverment to change the law on good of NGOs In long term, the success of the project, cause strengthen youth NGOs. They can work on the are of their objectives instead of struggle with fund raising diffuculties.



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