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Date du début: 18 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 17 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

LIFE+ is a youth project based on 3 transnational volunteering services within the frame of ERASMUS+ Programme/ Key Action 1. It was developed collaboratively by 6 European NGOs very active in the Field of Youth and Nonformal education: 1. Asociatia Ofensiva Tinerilor (CO/ HO, Romania) 2. Associazione Culturale LINK (SO, Italia) 3. Asociacion Building Bridges (SO, Spania) 4. Associazione YouNet (SO, Italia) 5. Stowarzyszenie Jeden Swiat (SO, Polonia) 6. Asociacion Ecoperia (SO, Spania) We will implement 3 volunteering mobilities for 15 young people aged between 17-30 years who will be hosted in the city of Arad, Romania: Mobility 1: 1st of September 2014 – 30th of January 2015/ 5 EVS volunteers; Mobility 2: 1st of February 2015 – 30th of June 2015/ 5 EVS volunteers; Mobility 3: 1st of July 2015 – 30th of November 2015/ 5 EVS volunteers; The objectives of LIFE+ project are: 1. To suport the 15 EVS volunteers, throughout their service, to develop those key competences which, as a long term result, lead to their personal authonomy (social/interpersonal, antrepreneurial, learning to learn competences). 2. To reduce the risks regarding young in-pacients’ social marginalization in Arad (at least 10 people) 3. To increase, throughout the project, the visibility of ERASMUS+ Programme and transnational volunteering among youngsters and local NGOs from Arad We aim to achieve these goals by empowering the 15 EVS volunteers to carry out the following categories of volunteering tasks: 1. First Aid Workshops with young people in Arad 2. Educational and leisure activities with young in-pacients in hospital (creative games/ boardgames, outdoor activities and sports, interactive foreign language courses) 3. Support actions aimed at promoting ERASMUS+ Programme among Youth and Local NGOs (worshops, animation, drawings) 4. Nonformal journalism (articles, short films, a LIFE+ magazine) Throughout the 3 volunteering mobilities the EVS volunteers with develop and practice key competences which will foster personal and professional progress, helping them to achieve an independent lifestyle. The project benefits the target group youngsters by increasing their social inclusion chances and raising their motivation to actively participate in youth initiatives. After the implementation of LIFE+ the promoters will hold a bigger expertise in Youth Work positively influencing the evolution of the local commuities involved.



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