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Life with Nature
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Slovak NGO PHZ hosted five volunteers from 3 countries (Belgium, France, Spain), one for 1 month, the other three for 8-12 months. The volunteers together took care of and helped with the management of a little farm open to visitors and volunteers that want to experience a more resilient lifestyle close to nature and learn basic skills that are connected with it. The EVS volunteers welcomed and coordinated these guests and worked together with them on various tasks directly related to the place they lived in. The farm is also venue of monthly craft workshops. One of the volunteers, Vanessa, was organizing and lecturing a couple of weekend workshops connected to textile techniques. The other volunteers were involved as either organizers or participants. The volunteers gained a wide range of practical skills that were essential in the traditional lifestyle of Slovak countryside. They learned how to grow vegetables, prepare and preserve food, take care of farm animals. Moreover they were involved in renovation and natural building work on the farm, as well as the landscape management of farm´s surroundings. In this project, the volunteers had the opportunity to live a more sustainable lifestyle than the majority of western society. Apart from that, a life in a multicultural community expanded their social skills and raised their cultural awareness. A supervisor was guiding and encouraging the volunteers to be involved in the planning of activities and to take responsibilities for own projects. The project's aim was to help re-inventing life in the western world in terms of sustainability and resilience. By raising awareness of Global problems in ecology, economics and politics, as well as awareness of cultural heritage and more ancient low-impact lifestyles we believe this project contributes to a society of young, skilled, aware and both social and self-confident individuals.



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